About KMCC Britain

Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre UK, popularly known as KMCC, is a non-profit organization who works in the interests of Indian expatriates based in the United Kingdom. As a well-known organisation amongst Indian community in the UK, it runs several humanitarian and welfare programs for the socio-educational development of its members and also, to a wider community in the UK. KMCC has always been there with relentless service force to help expatriate communities in the event of calamities and volatile circumstances abroad by providing help with embassy related help, humanitarian assistance, arranging cultural activities for the families to get connected with home culture and so on.

What We Do

As a large expatriate organisation in the UK it provide charity activities at different levels for the last 10 years with involvement in various social, cultural, educational and charity related activities. KMCC regularly conduct family gatherings, community congregation, sports & games meets. As a community organisation during this unpresidential time of Covid-19 we have set-up an emergency fund to cover any financial emergencies to its members and also financially support and assist with funeral arrangement in the event of death in our community. At present we are operating as a registered company under the name of Britain Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre, UK.



General Secretary